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Hi everybody My name is Richard McMunn from the careerguidance company How2Becomecom and in this video Im going to give you the very latesttips and advice on how to prepare effectively for the all-new police officer competency-basedinterview Now things are changing within the selectionprocess to become a police officer so for those people who are going to a competency-basedinterview 2018 onwards this will apply So make sure you got a pen and some paperand take notes of the hints and tips that Im going to give you And then at some point during this videoIm going to tell you where you can get further information to help you be fully preparedfor the new police officer interview So the interview same as before will lastfor approximately 20 minutes in duration Youre going to get asked four initial questionsand youve got five minutes to answer each one Now five minutes doesnt seem like a longtime but it is so you should make sure before you go to the interview you have your responsesprepared okay Now the interview questions are sample onesthat Im going to give you now Im not saying these are going to be the exactones; that would be wrong of me to do that But based on my own experiences of workingin the emergency services recruitment and also being involved in developing core competenciesfor these kind of roles these are the kind of questions I recommend you prepare for inaddition to the ones that youll prepare for following your own research and the informationthat Im going to give you at the end of the interview So when you go in to the interview Make sure you dress smart You may be invited to give a handshake If you do make sure its a firm handshakeand look the interviewer in the eye obviously not aggressively but politely When you shake their hand give a good solidfirst impression So when you enter the exam room make sureyou dress smart you sit up straight in the interview chair These questions that youre going to get askedare based on your past experiences and thats a key important note to mention at the earlystage of this video Write this down you have to come up withsample responses based on your past experiences okay So you cant make them up They actually have to be specific examplesthat youve been in So if I was to say to you - and this isntthe question by the way - but if I said Give us an example of when youve workedas part of a team okay youd have to give a specific situation that youve been in thepast where youve worked with other people as part of a team to come up with a successfulsolution a successful outcome and thats the important part Ill also tell you during this video how tostructure your responses So it has to be a specific one What you dont want to do and many peopledo this when responding is they say Well if I was in a situation when I was workingas part of a team this is what I would do Thats no good okay You will get very few marks for that kindof response Make sure its specific something that youvebeen in before Now following...